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Complete Range of Pest Control Services

At PESTGOGO, we provide complete range of pest control services. As a first step, it is important to identify which pest is bothering you or it is number of pests. There are few pests against which you need preventive pest management contract. Pests like termites may not be visible to you. But if you are living in a termite prone zone, then it is always better to have a Termite Management Contract. You don’t want to see surprises in terms of termite damages. Similarly, you can have AMC preventive maintenance contract against pests such as cockroaches, silverfishes, mosquitoes, birds, rodents, red and black ants. Then there are pests such as bedbugs. If you notice bedbugs like symptoms or notice live bedbugs or their eggs or have suspicions, then you should immediately contact your pest management expert. You hire bedbug services only when they trouble you. The role of your service advisor is also very important. It starts with right identification. In case of termites, you may need Termatrac Radar Camera inspection. It is very high precision radar camera which can track the termites hidden inside walls and wooden furnitures. You must ask your agency whether they own the camera which can locate hidden termites. Then they can create combination of services which can accurately address all your pest concerns and yet economical for you. Therefore, it is important that your pest control agency is capable of providing complete range of pest control services.


The Pest is called Termite and the service is called termite control or termite management service.

Dampwood termites are called so because their colonies are found in damp and sometimes decaying wood. Dampwood termite nests are not found in the soil. They love decaying wood


Rodent can include house mouse, roof rat, sewer rat & many more. There is a long history of the associations between mice & men.

They have featured in many stories, comics and car-toons over the years. Hospitals, Malls, Government and commercial buildings have been victim to their destructive prowess and economic losses. This signifies the importance of rodent control. It is critical to have a good understanding of the external features


Bed Bug Who has troubled humans for the last 3000 years?

Pests like these have plagued humans for over 3000 years. Bedbugs are small, flat parasites, which can hide in small crevices like corners of mattresses, wooden joints of beds, cushions and blankets, sofas and chairs, quilts, crevices of the wooden floor, curtains, carpet suitcases, etc.


Cockroach Control Service Highlights and Key Success Factors

The reason for worry and why cockroach control is so critical is that cockroaches that carry germs and bacteria are a serious threat to health and safety. Roaches transmit many diseases like food poisoning, dysentery, staphylococcus, pneumonia, plague and polio. Roaches are one of the causes of childhood asthma


Preventive Environment-Friendly Steps for effective Mosquito Control"

Be careful at sunset as this is when there is the most risk of mosquitoes coming out to bite people. Therefore, the best time to do mosquito control by fogging is sunset to repel those adult mosquitoes