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About Us

Pestgogo – The Science First Company

Who are we?

We are pest control experts with the ‘Science First’ approach. We practice preventive pest control in environment friendly & sustainable ways to build a healthier & safer living & workplace.

What we believe

We are firmly rooted in the following beliefs


Being the expert, the onus is on us to educate the customer on the science of pest control. One can trust us to get interesting pest insights.


As partnering is the key to preventive pest control, alignment of customers
on necessary hygiene measures is important in advance. We firmly believe expertise supported by partnering goes a long way to a healthier environment.


Our network with professionals & partners from across the world keeps us updated about the latest developments. We do study a lot for continuous

incremental improvement in our approach.


The customer is at the centre of our operating system. We are quick to respond when risks & challenges arise and put in our best effort to resolve the issue.

Why Us

Deep domain expertise

We are extremely passionate about the Science of Pests. The knowledge of the subject along with multi-industry experience nurtured over the years helps us create a bespoke solution for every property.

Environment friendly

We study the science behind every product & process to filter out everything which is harmful on mother earth. Every chemical is approved by Govt. of India and best-in-class.

We mean result

Customers sign us up to solve a problem. We don’t bill if the problem is not resolved as promised by us.