Rental Property Inspection

Rental House Inspection

Property Inspection(Rent Property)

Before you move in to a rental house, it is always better to have the Property Inspection. It is good both for tenant as well as for landlord. You get third party proper documentation and chances of differences are ruled out. In western countries, it is mandatory to have rental house inspection by a third party to safeguard your interests.

Details: How we organize and document Rental Property Inspection

Initial Pre-Occupancy/Move-In Rental Property Inspection

This Property Inspection Starts the Documentation Process. It is designed to protect all parties from the tenant entering into a lease agreement. As an owner turning his investment over to a property management company, or a property manager thinking of representing an investor’s property. Our certified inspectors will perform a thorough property inspection of the interior and exterior, whether occupied or vacant. We will provide you with a detailed written report  with pictures. It also includes a full description of the property condition, appliances, amenities, number and type of rooms. The report will also include suggested property management improvements to enhance the rental value. It preserve the integrity, safety and habitability of the property. It is beneficial to you to get a Property Inspection before you shift to the rental house.

Exit/Move-Out rental house Inspection

Is used to document the condition of the property at the time the leasing agreement is terminated or when the owner and property manager end their contract. The move-out report can be compared to the initial / move-in inspection report so that adjustments can be made with regard to any security deposit. Our Certified inspectors provide a thorough inspection of the property once the property is vacated or no longer represented.

Benefits of rental house Inspection:

  • Eliminating Deposit Disputes
  • Preventing Litigation
  • Justifying Deposit withholdings
  • Identifying Damage and Required Repairs
  • Expediting the Leasing Process
  • Protecting all Parties via an unbiased 3rd Party inspector

Periodic Inspection:

Is our most popular and is used by both absentee owners assessing their property manager . Professional property management company who are protecting their client’s investment and the safety of their tenants also take this service. Our inspector provide Ongoing Protection for them and their clients by chronically documenting the conditions and maintenance habits of the tenants.

Benefits of Periodic Inspection:

  • Saves Time & Money!
  • Holds Tenants Responsible!
  • Reveals Illegal Activities!
  • Added Value to your Clients!
  • Documents Tenants Maintenance Habits!
  • Prevents Deposit Disputes!
  • Prevents Litigation!
  • Provides Peace of Mind!
  • You determine the Frequency; Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually, or even when the tenant is late with the rent, it is also used to speed up the eviction process.

Rental Property “Pest Free” Certification

Protect yourself from inheriting someone else’s pest problems by having your vacant units pre-inspected and certified pest free before renting it to a new tenant. Our licensed and certified pest inspectors will thoroughly inspect the unit for evidence of structure infesting pests such as bed bugs, roaches, fleas or mice and if no evidence is observed certify the unit as “Pest Free”. If issues are observed we will provide you with recommendations and options to assist you in eliminating them. We can even preventatively treat each unit to help stop problems before they start.

Benefits of Rental Property “Pest Free” Certification

  • Insulate management/ownership from costs associated with treatments.
  • Reduce liability assumed by management for pest infestations.
  • For the most protection have all vacant units inspected,  treated, and certified “Pest Free” before rental.
  • Excellent marketing tool to new residents  insuring their home is “Pest Free”.
  • Creates awareness of pest issues without alarming residents…Call Today to Schedule!
  • Gain a rapid familiarity of every aspect of the property.
  • Reveals possible hidden conditions.
  • Exposes potential future problems.
  • Prevents misunderstandings between the all parties.
  • Prevents possible future litigation.
  • Documents the Actual condition of the property at the time of inspection.
  • Unbiased inspections performed by certified 3rd party inspector.
  • Starts the Documentation process.

Home Maintenance Check-up

Your family is at a much higher risk of poor health or injury in a poorly maintained home simply because they spend much more time in it. Most homeowners don’t think about the fact that house-related problems, if found early, can be addressed or corrected before those problems become so large that the expense of fixing them causes a financial strain on the household.

A Home Maintenance Inspection is Your Best Prevention Tool!

How do you know something is wrong with your home to begin with? Just like a car check-up, a home maintenance inspection will identify potential problems and hazards. And that knowledge helps you prevent expensive repairs.

How Often?

We recommend that you schedule your home for a maintenance inspection every two years. Armed with knowledge about planned obsolescence of building materials, weather patterns and events in your area, natural wear and tear, and building habits in your region, we can pinpoint real maintenance issues that you will need to address in each two year span.

Begin Your Annual Home Maintenance Inspection Routine Today!