Pest Control Deals in Summer

Get Pest Control deals in Summer when it is needed most

Pest Control Deals

In summers, pest activity increases. We encourage people to go the pest control inspections done with Pest Control Deals. We provide free of cost inspection and area wise deals are provided in Delhi NCR.

Best Place for Pest Control Deals for entire Delhi NCR

Watch out our locality section – out of 10 localities of Delhi NCR. We randomly keep on giving best pest control deals and discounts. If your locality fortunately falls in those areas, you will get good pest control discounts.

We also offer seasonal discounts on pest control.

Individual Residential pest control deals:
  1. Get Family Health Shield Combo Deals: In this combo, you get crawling health pest (cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, red and black ants) and also rodent health pest (rats & mice). Please note that our discount varies from 5% to 20% depending upon which locality you are in and the time of the year. So check out your locality. Or alternatively you can write to us.
  2. Get Grand Family Health Shield as well as Home Structure Shield Combo Deals: In this combo, in addition to family health shield, you also get termite protection for your home. Please note that for this our discount varies from 10% to 30% depending upon which locality you are in and the time of the year.

Society & Condominium Pest Control Deals:

  1. Get common area crawling and rodent pest contract and weekly fogging free: This is most valuable pest control deal for society. Following are the challenges of society:
    • Garbage Area: House flies and rats are a huge problem.
    • Basements: Termites and rodents are more often than not found a big menace here. Adult mosquitoes are also a big menace.
    • Walkways and garden areas: Mosquitoes will not allow you walk comfortably. Also, rodent or snakes can suddenly surprise.
    • Drainage dump yard areas: Water can be there to breed mosquitoes causing different diseases.
    • Construction Joints: Termite problem generally are there.
    • Parking areas: Mosquitoes.

We can give very attractive pest control deals for societies and condominiums. Contact us for detailed free inspection . We promise you to give best in the market pest control deals along with detailed status report and plan of action.

You can also take our free demonstration service to evaluate and then decide.

Corporate Employee Pest Control Deals

If you are HR head in a corporate, please contact us for getting great deals for all your employees. Before that, we suggest you should take our free single evaluation service in any one home of decision maker.

How the Corporate Employee Pest Control Program works

For corporate employees, our special discounted deals are finalized by H.R. Department. Depending upon the number of total employees, we work out the special rates which is exceptionally low. We are able to provide these special rates as our overhead costs are managed in a special way:

  1. HR department takes the responsibility of circulating the dates for the services and the employees has to avail the services on those pre-decided dates. If they miss the services, we only provide them on next pre-decided dates. Hence, our mobilization cost is optimized.
  2. Our aim avoid the cost of no-shows and delays. Since, most of the corporate employees avails the services on given dates and time at a single locality, we give benefit of all these savings.

With permission from HR/Admin department, we install a Hygiene Desk in such area where most of the employees visit during lunch breaks. Our executive distributes awareness posters, proactive tips, special price list and provide all the support to take suitable decision.