Pest Control Case Studies

There are few typical cases of pest control which might give you some idea for your problem
pest control case studies

Pest Control Case Studies on Rat Control

Our pest control case studies will help you in gaining insights to take right decision. You decision should be right, safe, economical and result yielding.

Right approach to control the rat problem

We had been called in a situation wherein the high rise condominium was struggling with rodent problem. Most of it’s residents were complaining of rat problem. They were getting noises in night  which affected their sleeping. We have specially picked up this case .It seems very easy to catch rats. But in reality, you will find out that only a skilled technician would be able to solve the problem. Such cases helps identifying good pest control agencies . Few other pest control agency had tried earlier but could not produce effective result. They were adopting same common practice which they adopted at any other place.

We identified following problem:
  • The menace was only due to roof rats. But earlier things like burrow treatment on the ground, small sized glue traps etc.They were repeatedly tried without realizing that roof rat control requires different approach.This is due to their different nesting habit and movements.
  • Since, it was general approach , not species specific approach. They were not able to produce results.
  • Our team identified all the entry points, nesting places .A quick control plan was brought into action. We used highly effective rat cages, combination of pre baiting and then strategic bating at right places. And the client was very happy and satisfied. We could proudly justify and say that we are the best pest control agency in Delhi NCR for you.

 Pest Control Case Studies on Termite Control

2. Unstoppable Termite appearances frustrating all

Again we have picked up this one from our pest control case studies as you can relate very easily to termite problem in your society. Once the client declared at the first meeting that two earlier termite control agencies did not stop the termites and were not able to explain the repeated termite appearance as well.

  • We told them that we can only tell them the status after our 50 point extensive inspection of external and internal areas. Our inspection took around 2 full days to inspect their 5 acre society.

    First we checked following 25 point external society areas:

    1. Exterior Wall
    2. Dampened area
    3. Junction of wall and floor
    4. Main electric box
    5. Stilt area
    6. Covered Garages
    7. Wall Cracks and Crevices
    8. Expansion Joints
    9. Plumbing Lines
    10. Lift Well/ Shaft
    11. Staircase
    12. Pump room
    13. Generator Room
    14. Utility Duct
    15. Soak Pit area
    16. Water Tank/ Storage area
    17. Garden
    18. Tree Trunks adjoining the society towers
    19. Lift machine Room
    20. Storage Room
    21. All the Woodwork
    22. Flooring and cracks
    23. Light Fixtures
    24. Water Taps
    25. Terrace garden

Then we checked following 25 point internal society areas:

  1. Door Frames
  2. Window Frames
  3. Fixed Wood Work
  4. Fixed wooden cupboards
  5. Panelling
  6. Plumbing Entry
  7. AC Peripherals
  8. Wall and floor junction
  9. Skirting level
  10. Lofts
  11. Toilets
  12. Vents
  13. Moist Areas
  14. Peeled/ rippled wall location
  15. False Ceiling
  16. False flooring
  17. Wooden Flooring
  18. Voids in wall ceiling and floor
  19. Light fittings
  20. Balcony Plant Bed
  21. Storages
  22. Electrical Boxes
  23. False ceiling lights
  24. Kitchen Sink
  25. Kitchen Drawers

We prepared a detailed status report and our plan of action. The society management realized what was missing and they happily gave us go ahead to control the termites in the common areas of their society. We also suggested that individual flat owners should also get a preventive protection in their flats and most of the residents did realize the importance of our suggestions and we are having excellent contract.

Pest Control Case Studies on Cockroach Control in 24x7 operational kitchen

3. The embarrassing cockroach appearances in guest foods

This case which we have pulled out from our pest control case studies. It is from a very popular chinese restaurant who had tried five different pest control agencies but the cockroaches kept on making special appearances in their guest food. Again, we stuck to our detailed check up for cockroaches

First we checked following kitchen areas:

  1. Kitchen Platform
  2. Gas Stove
  3. Cracks and Crevices
  4. Storage Cupboards
  5. Modular Storage
  6. Serving Trolley
  7. Gas Cylinder
  8. Grinder/Mixer
  9. Microwave
  10. Refrigerator
  11. Toaster
  12. Washing Machine
  13. Cabinets
  14. Water Filter
  15. Sink Area
  16. Wash Basin
  17. Backside of Mirror
  18. Cutlery Storage Area
  19. Dining Table
  20. Electric Switches
  21. Cable Duct
  22. Drain & Drain Cover
  23. Lofts
  24. Storage Cartons
  25. Prayer Room
  26. Photo Frames
  27. Bar area
  28. Modular Chimney
  29. Dustbin
  30. Vegetable Storage

Then we checked other than kitchen areas as follows:

  1. Shoe Rack
  2. Sofa Set
  3. Manholes & Drainage System
  4. Behind Frames
  5. Toilet Sink
  6. Air Conditioning Units
  7. Peeled Wallpaper
  8. Dump yard
  9. Storage Cupboards
  10. Backside of all Mirrors
  11. Lofts
  12. Storage Cartons
  13. Toilet and Bathroom
  14. Servant Room

Note: You can ask for the above checklist documents by writing to us.

Plan of action for severe cockroach infestation

While we went through the detailed inspection as explained above, we found that the infestation was so heavy .The entire area needed a detailed action planned in a systematic manner.

  1. Maintenance Period: In consultation with their manager, we planned a maintenance period where the operations had to be closed down. There was no other option available if we had to get over this menace honestly. Since, their manager understood the seriousness of it . Reality is that no other option will work, he assisted us. In turn, we planned series of action in back to back fashion so that their breakdown/maintenance period was least to affect their revenue.
  2. Vacating the Area: Once the maintenance period started, their entire area was vacated.
  3. Flush Out Treatment: Then we gave a thorough flush out treatment to pest. There was 6 hours overnight break after our flush out treatment.
  4. Deep Cleaning after the flushout treatment: The entire area was given a deep cleaning with hot water. All the greasy deposits, cracks, crevices, unapproachable places were cleaned properly.
  5. Second Pest Assessment: Our technician and supervisor then visited to prepare a detailed report .The report is about habitat modification, sealing/caulking the cracks & crevices and equipment maintenance. They had made the equipment AMC vendor available on our request to give us access to inspect them from inside for possible harborage points. Also, it included civil & electrical works like repair of windows, chimney, door, electric junction boxes etc.
  6. Cockroach Gel application as per the assessment: Once we got access to all the critical places which we did not get under normal situation, we completed our job getting this opportunity.
  7. Final Certification: Once all our plan was implemented, we gave them our report and go ahead to re start the operations and next schedule to ensure we do not reach upto this level of pest infestation.