Maid Hygiene Training free for Society Residents

Maid Hygiene Training free for Society Residents

Whichever society we have contract for common area pest control, we provide Maid Hygiene Training free for Society Residents.The training is about  pest hygiene. If they are trained periodically, most of the pest problem can be prevented.

Why Maid Hygiene Training is required

As added advantage to societies and condominiums, we provide free of cost maid hygiene training. This is for all the society resident’s maids. Maid hygiene training is organized at a common place or auditorium in the society on monthly basis. Once we started, it has been appreciated well . We also get regular requests to organize.

  1. Effective and environment friendly Pest control works on 4D formulae: Deny entry, Deny Food, Deny Shelter and lastly if nothing worked, Destroy.
  2. Our maid hygiene trainings are aimed to make the maid understand the “pest hygiene” in following manner:
    • The kitchen’s painting and other finishings are not spotless and there are cracks, crevices and gaps in all of them. The reason for worry is that cockroaches that carry germs and bacteria. This is a serious threat to health and safety. Allergies, Asthma, Salmonella and other major diseases come from these germs.Children especially are susceptible to the disease sall come from these germs and their carriers.
    • Put all food substances in sealed boxes to prevent any hopes insects have of getting at your eatables.
    • Make sure all trash and garbage is kept in containers that can be properly closed. Old newspapers, magazines, paper, cartons, and other such materials make perfect hiding places for cockroaches. They should not be kept exposed and thrown away at the earliest opportunity, and not be allowed to pile up and home and fester.
    • Cleanliness aims to shut off the food and water supply to cockroaches. Even one drop of water is good enough for cockroach for a day. So, make sure that leaking taps are repaired asap. Food wastes are not left in sink. Utensils are cleaned rather than keeping them overnight.
    • During the day, cockroaches hide in cracks in the geyser, cupboards, safes, bushes etc. Then they come out at night. They lay claim to many parts of the house. Hiding places need to be eradicated . Access to food sources need to be blocked as well. Cockroaches find excellent refuge in falls bottoms of cupboards, cracks, drainpipes etc.

How do we organize maid Hygiene training

We organize this kind of training to all those societies and condominiums where they are already availing our pest control services to their common areas. As extended benefit, we provide these kind of training.

  1. They generally, arrange common meeting hall or central park .Where all the domestic maids, cooks, drivers can be assembled for 30 minutes to 1 hour session.
  2. We make them aware how pests breed inside the home due to wrong cleaning practice. All cockroaches need is waste food, oily deposits, leaking/faulty plumbing lines and timing of cleanings.
  3. On nominal cost if provided by societies, we also provide them awareness posters, Do’s & Don’ts to prevent Dengue, Malaria, Typhoid, Dysentry, Diarrhoea, Allergies etc.
  4. Our trainers are expert in delivering training in local language.It is easy to understand by those kind of audience and keep them motivated.

The above efforts have been highly appreciated by many of our society/condominium clients.