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latest pest control

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  • When you build any residential or commercial property, few critical pest control information like proactive construction measures can save you from lots of damages from pest. You should get in touch with a professional pest consultants right at the stage of planning.
    • Certain design modifications would prevent rodents to enter into your structure.
    • Certain lighting modifications will ensure that you do not face the menace of seasonal flying pest attraction – especially in rainy seasons. Also, you this reduces lizards problem.
    • Certain construction modification ensures that the building in in better condition to avoid moisture, dampness and termites.
    • When you plan to shift in a new house or to a house which is under locked condition for a very long time. It is always better to have pest control done before you shift into the house under locked condition. The reason is when a house is locked, there is lack of air circulation, light etc. It increases the dampness and other favourable condition. Pests are more active when there is darkness, dampness and human interventions and cleaning.
  • Housewives looking for preventive tips to avoid pests.
  • You want to have complete information on safety, chemicals, methods before you avail professional pest control service.
  • You want quick assessment of your pest problem and best solution involving less use of chemicals, pesticides and disturbance.

Different International Pest Control Association:

  1. National Pest Management Association(NPMA).
  1. British Pest Control Association (BPCA).

Prominent Indian Pest Control Associations:

  1. Indian Pest Control Association (IPCA).
  1. Pest Control Association of India(PCAI).

Few Popular Approved Pest Control Product List

Bayer Pest Control Range of Products:

Latest Draft – Code of Practice for Pre- construction and Post Construction Anti Termite Treatments by Bureau of Indian Standards:

Once you log on to the site of  you can get all the latest approved and draft version of Pre- construction and Post Construction

Once you log on to the site of Bureau of Indian Standards  you can get all the latest approved and draft version of Pre- construction and Post Construction Anti Termite Treatments.

latest pest control

Termite Monitoring - Our Pick

A. Pest Barrier(A US Based Co.) offers following tools:

  1. The Termite Seeker is a sophisticated handheld device that “sniffs” all termite species. It can confirm their removal. It gives visual and sound cues.It also work when the unit encounters the CO2 from termites. It is one of the latest pest control trick.
  2. Mini Bulb Duster is a Powder duster with integrated cleaning tool. This latest pest control is suitable for all dusts, powders & desiccants such as Diatomaceous Earth. It is specifically designed for accurate placement in crack & crevice treatment. Accurate & controlled application reduces costs .It also help us to avoid unnecessary use of pesticides.
  3. Green Eye Monitor which combines a cellulose attractant. It is a visual indicator that can be seen just by looking; no bending down, no special tools, and most importantly, no moving parts. The Green Eye is actually a green dot on a brass weight in a plastic tube, sealed at the bottom by a wooden plug. When the termites eat through the plug and then the cellulose material, the brass weight slides down and the green dot disappears. Watch video to see how the Green Eye works, including time-lapse photography of termites eating the bait and the Green Eye inner tube sliding down.