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Why us – Here are some Reasons 

Now we are telling you the reason for Why us ? We did a survey of 520 recipients of Pest & Termite Control Services in the Delhi NCR region. The results were startlingly sad.  9% of the customers were happy with their service. A staggering 78% had significant complaints with their service provider. Mostly recipients had more than one complaint .The broad categories of complaints were as follows :

  1. Ineffectiveness: They found infestation of termite in their newly purchased flat. Even before getting the possession (24%). The builder claimed that “Termite Protection” was done.
  2. Odour: chemicals used had such a strong odour . It took weeks and even months to come down to acceptable level (13%).
  3. Lack of Professionalism: They found operators had no commitment to keep the schedule or  follow up on problems and time bound check-ups (69%).
  4. Lack of Reporting: Customers had no idea what was actually done for them. If everything as promised was delivered or not. (23%)
  5. Safety Concerns: Customers thought that the technicians had no regard for personal and environmental safety. (6%)

Reason for poor state of affairs 

Lack of well-trained professionals and their technicians:

Since India does not have strong regulatory authority in Pest Control. Most pest control operators start with little to no training on Toxicology or Environmental safety. Their technicians tend to have even less understanding or concerns for these things.

Lack of focus on long-term relationship:

Since this sector has been flooded by operators that are not sophisticated business people. They tend to focus on closing out current transaction with least amount of investment from them, instead of trying to build long term relationships. As a result, over a short period, the customer realizes that they are in wrong hands.

A singular focus on cost:

Both customers and service providers in this field tend to focus too much on the cost and too little on bigger things like health safety and peace of mind.

Lack of awareness on customers side:

In absence of information about how termite control should be done, most people rely on the operators to do the right thing with no checks and balances.

Why Us 

We rarely miss appointments or reach late

Our pest control technicians care for your valuable time. They reach on committed time. They will call you in case of even a little delay which rarely happens. We save your time by reaching on time & finishing on time by the jobs performed by expert technicians.

Why us ? -We save your time by reaching on time & finishing on time

100% Quality

Our technicians are well trained on chemical dosage. We always use the best available chemicals for your pest control job.

Why us ? -100% Quality - Pest Control

We always use odorless & branded products

Our pest control services are odourless. They are totally hassle free. You do not need to keep your house close for any time period. No bad odour during and after our services

Note: Only in case of termite control, there are exceptions. Please us for more details.

Why us ? -No bad odour during and after our services

We also prepare you well for pest emergencies

If you have any pest emergency at the odd time, our emergency tips will help you out.

Why us ? -Training for pest emergencies - DIY

Unique Advantages of choosing our Pest Control Services 

Why Only Us – because we are the best pest control company for you in Delhi NCR

Here you get the quality of multinational but at a price which is very economical. Your all queries and requests are carried with utmost care like personal relationships. We can confidently say that we are best pest control agency in Delhi NCR for you.

  1. Area wise pest knowledge of Delhi NCR: Since, our founder Rajan Prakash, had been into pest control problems of this region since last 20 years, he knows most of the area, apartments, their specific problem. Check out our Location page. Most likely you will find we are already present in your specific apartment or lane, or block taking care of some of your neighbours. The moment you tell us your locality, our team most likely will tell you which pests are problem for you and reasons why they are coming. Only with above knowledge we can serve you promptly at committed time with best suitable chemicals and be your best pest control company.
  2. Quality Of Multinational: our founder Rajan Prakash has worked in a Danish Multinational and worked at their global excellence centre for Pest Control having first hand experience of working with pest technicians of Europe and Canada. He had 5 years of licence as certified pest controller, Structural pest controller and Fumigator in Ontario state, Canada after passing out from University of Guelph, Ontario. Check out his excellent credentials and licenses. We take utmost care to provide you the best branded chemicals suitable for your pest requirement by trained technicians. This definitely makes pestgogo the best pest control company in entire Delhi NCR.
  3. Economical Price: We believe in life long relationships and repeat business. We have one on one relationship with almost all our clients. Once, a client comes on board, he/she never finds our price an issue and they always refer us to their friends, work and relatives. Our loyal customer only recommends us as best pest control company in entire Delhi NCR.
  4. HACCP standards: We follow HACCP standards in our pest control operations. We would be glad to explain in details in personal meeting.
  5. Training to Corporate Clients: Many of our clients are into food industry and they need their employees to be trained on pest control aspect of food safety and HACCP plannings. We do provide training to your employees free of cost or as a part of our pest control service package to you.

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