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Cockroaches can be said to one of the most dangerous pests that we see in our home. It needs a dirty environment to grow and is the career of many diseases. This pest can either eat or pick up the disease-causing germs and can easily transfer via their legs to the foods on which it runs. Most of us are already aware of Malaria disease-causing mosquito that can transmit the disease with they bite. The situation with cockroaches is almost similar. It can easily transfer the dangerous gems via foods on which it can run. This pest can easily survive for a month without food. They can fly and can also run at a speed of 3 miles per hour and also it can reproduce at a very fast rate. If you want to get rid of this dangerous pest, then follow the below given natural tips.
1. Use Baking Soda and Sugar
• Baking Soda
• Sugar
• Water
Your kitchen has the solutions of most of your problems. Mix equal amount (5-6 teaspoon or according to your home space area) of baking soda & sugar in a bowl and make a thin paste with the help of water. Identify the areas where cockroaches hide and sprinkle the paste into that area. You will get rid of pests soon. This is a slow process but is non-toxic, and you can easily follow it.
When the roach drinks water containing soda, it reacts; creating gas inside of the cockroaches and will cause its stomach to burst, killing the cockroach.

2. Use Sugar and Borax
• Borax
• Sugar
• Water
Mix borax and sugar in equal amount. Spread the mixture in the areas in the night where cockroaches hide. Roaches are attracted to sugar, and when they eat the mix, they will die.
Once cockroach consumes the paste, borax will damage its digestive system and outer skeleton resulting in death.
Borax is eco-friendly, readily available, free of flames and very fast acting.

3. The spray of Peppermint Oil & Water
• Peppermint Oil
• Water
• Spray bottle
Mix 30 drops of water in a half litre of water and put the mix in spray bottle. Shake it well and spray it in infected cockroach areas. Repeat the process for some time, you will get rid of this dangerous pest. Peppermint Oil is said to be one of the best insects & pest repeller.

4. Neem Powder or Neem Oil for Cockroach Removal
Neem powder & its oil have been used from decades for removal of bed bugs. You can also use the same for the elimination of roaches.
Mix 15-20 drops of neem oil in a 1-litre spray bottle. Shake it well and use sprays it in infected areas. Repeat the procedure for some days for complete removal of pests.
You can also spread neem powder in the infected areas.

5. Diatomaceous Earth for Roaches Killing & Removal

Diatomaceous earth can be said to be good, safe and secure ways to kill cockroaches. This powder damages the exoskeleton of this pest and finally kills them. Some diatomaceous earth contains silica dust with them, so make sure you should buy the one without the chemical in it.
Dust food grade diatomaceous earth in cockroach-infested areas. Use it in dry areas only because in wet regions this powder does not make any impact. Use of gloves and masks are mandatory while handling this Diatomaceous Earth.
Repeat the procedure for some days for best results.

6. Bay Leaves for Cockroaches removal
This the most common item found in your kitchen. We use these bay leaves to increase taste in our foods. You will get shocked after knowing the property of this. If you want to keep roaches out of your home, use of bay leaves.
Bay leaves are one of the best natural roach repellent – they hate the smell of them. You can grind the bay leaves and mix it with wheat flour and spread it into the infected areas. Repeat the procedure for some days to get good results.

7. Cucumber slices & peels for Cockroaches removal
You can get rid to cockroaches easily with the use of cucumber. I prefer the method of cucumber slices as roaches do not link the smell of it. Cut the cucumber into slices and put it into the infected areas. Repeat the procedure for some days to get the better result.

8. Fabric Softener Spray to kill Roaches
This softener can kill cockroaches easily, but it should be used with a little care. Combine ¾ cups of fabric softener with an equal amount of water and put into the spray bottle. Use the spray in the infected areas which can kill the cockroaches. When we spray the Fabric softener, it exterminates cockroaches by blocking the pores in their skin, causing them to suffocate. Roaches breathe through their skin and fabric softener kill them by blocking their pores.

9. Lemon Peels or Lemon Juice to repel roaches
Lemons are one of most common multipurpose kitchen item which has many benefits. It has antioxidants, so it is used for glowing skin. It is also used to reduce the anti-ageing effect. Lemons are used in detergents as cleaning agents. However, many of us are not aware of its use for removal of cockroaches.
The anti-pathogenic properties present in the lemon will keep roaches away.
Spray the mixture of lemon juice and water in the infected areas of use can also use the lemon peels after grinding them for the roaches removal.
I have provided you with some of the best natural ways of cockroaches killing and its removal. Try these practical & effective techniques to get rid of these dangerous diseases causing roaches. If you want expert advice or expert help for your home to control pests, we can help you with a better solution. You can visit Pest Control Services in Delhi NCR for best natural & herbal pest control services.

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