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Termite Control – Why drill all over the house ? In this fast changing modern era, is there no smarter way?

Forget the messy treatment done by other pest control companies.We have option of Radar Camera Guided Treatment – like the doctors do target specific computer aided laser operations – much advanced…

  • Termatrac Camera – world’s most advanced – only used by PESTGOGO in Delhi NCR
  • Termite baiting stations with IGR (Insect Growth Regulator)
  • Odourless Chemical – no headache
  • Well trained Technicians and Supervisors

Termite Control with world’s best odorless chemical & The Radar Camera(Termatrac):


termite detection

We have Trained technicians & code of practice recommended by Bureau of Indian Standards, Govt of India.

First of all, termite control requires trained technicians and supervisors. Because, out of so many pesticides available, only a trained person can skillfully use right chemical at right dosage at right place. At PESTGOGO, all the technicians and supervisors are certified after class room training and field demonstrations. They use approved and branded chemicals in right dosages at all the critical places.

Use of Globally most advanced TERMATRAC Camera from Australia

TERMATRAC is an Australian company globally known for providing this Hi-tech advanced Camera comprising of a Termite Detection Radar, Remote Thermal Sensor and Moisture Sensor, coupled with Data Storage and Reporting, the Termatrac T3i is the most advanced device in the world developed purely to detect, confirm and track the presence of termites.

How can this termite sensing camera actually make life easy in doing Termite Control?

 termite  damage

Termite Damage Identification:

  1. Termites are silently working behind the wooden panels, cupboards, walls. There, they are Eating, damaging, defacing, and discolouring your wooden furniture and fixtures.
  2. Doors and window frames can be seen damaged. The wood becomes soft due to moisture and hollowness.
  3. They also damage many important documents such as certificates, house papers, passports, precious books, legal documents, and sometimes currency notes. The cost of such damages are far more than getting termite control done.
  4. False ceilings are generally found damaged most severely.
  5. The infested house is unhygienic and unsafe due to weak structure.

A Termite’s Life Cycle

  • A Termite’s Live cycle begins with the mating flight. Winged males swarm over females and take them to start a new colony. After fertilization, they shed their wings and stay grounded, where they build a new colony of which they become king and queen.
  • . Most noteworthy, the worker termite feeds and takes care of the other termites. Then, the soldier termites are proficient in fighting.  Workers and soldiers live for 1 to 2 years but the queen can live for upto 10 years.

Termite Eggs:

Termite eggs are small, white, transparent and oval. The first swarm laid by the new queen can have upto 2 dozen eggs. During her life span, the queen can easily keep laying eggs without stopping. They are big enough to be seen by the naked human eye, although they are kept underground, so it is difficult to find them. Although, their life cycle begins with the eggs, humans cannot detect them, they can detect the winged termites, or the tubes of dirt of the holes in wood.

Termite Larva:

Termite larvae are formed within a few weeks of the laying of eggs and they are taken care of and nourished by worker termites, they are the same size as the eggs.Like other insects, they also go through a melting phase where they shed their own skin.

Swarming of Termites :

Springtime is the perfect time for subterranean termites to swarm. Damp wood and Dry wood termites like warm weather for swarming.

Winged Termites :

Home owners first detect termites when they see the winged termites on their doors or windows. They look just like ants except for some key differences. Ants have thin torsos whereas termites do not. Ants have antennaes that are at a 90 degree angle whereas termites have antennaes that are totally straight. Termites have four wings of the same size.

Rain increases the swarming of Termites.

Termite Control – Prevention always helps

  • Most of all, do not let vegetation grow on the outer walls of your house. Also, keep landscaping the area around your house.
  • Also, get the Thorough Termite Treatment Done every 2 years. Small routine cost, saves a lot.
  • Especially, when you have routine contract, you get the Termite Inspections done every 4 months without fail.
  • Also, you should get high level TERMATRAC Radar inspections to see the termites hidden behind the wooden fixtures, cupboards, wardrobes etc. at least once every year.
  • Do not ignore water leakage/dampness problem. Always consult water proofing experts before it is late.

How can I check if I need termite control or any other pest service?

Inside your home: Keep your eyes open and look for following symptoms. If it seems like swollen paints and discoloration on wooden frames then, most probably termites are damaging inside. Also, you may find some kind of spots on them. Inside your wardrobes and cupboards, On the upper/ceiling wooden boards, you will find kind of wave formation by swelling of the boards. When you touch them or scrape them, you will suddenly see too many white ants running and the entire thing is coming down along with soil. If that is the case, you can safely consider that you are having serious termite problems.

Outside your home: You will find mud tubes around the foundations of the house. You might wonder, why there are too many winged insects are moving around and sometimes, lots of insect wings are lying. Brace yourself for heavy termite damage. Call PESTGOGO AT 1800 200 4449 immediately.

What to do when I am certain that I have termite problem 

Most important, do not rely on short cuts or cheap DIY products available in hardware shops. Also, do not go by your carpenter suggestions. They are not TERMITE CONTROL EXPERTS. Mostly, in lack of knowledge, they suggest some spurious products which doesn’t work.  Also, do not ask rates over phone and fix it up. Because, only when you see the expert in person, you can make out whether he/she is actually termite control expert or not. Please find out a suitable pest controller who knows his job well and does free inspection for you.

Your Important considerations regarding Termite Control

Termites are efficient in getting into your home, and if you neglect your regular maintenance of the property, you make their job much easier. Keeping in mind the following things will help you make sure that it is not at all easy to enter your home and will discourage termites from even trying.

Be aware & alert:

Many a times, we only get to know of a termite infestation when, we tap or hit or probe any part of the floor or furniture and that portion collapse. Before we reach a situation as serious as this we should make inspections and be aware whether the paint on the wall is spreading or cracking, or whether the windows show signs of mud or soil tubes.  But even if these signs are not visible it does not mean that there are no termites.

Hire a trained professional pest controller and do not fall for cheap alternative:

It is essential to enlist the services of a well trained professional who is well versed in the biology and behavior of termites and can easily recognize and treat the situation effectively. They will take the correct preventive measures and will be able to detect where and how the termite infestation is originating and/or gaining access, beyond which your home will be safe from future attacks or infestations.

Be wise when selecting companies: 

A good, professionally trained pest controller can easily understand a treatment report and know the necessary plan of action. Not only do they eradicate the termite threat in present but they also eliminate all chances of their return in the future and prevent further damage.

Keep regular inspections and examinations scheduled: 

Getting tested by a doctor once doesn’t mean that the report will last you for the rest of your life and it does not mean that you do not need to get tested ever again. Regular inspections to check whether the termite pesticides are still doing their job and if the house is still termite free is an essential task that has to be undertaken.

What doesn’t work at all

We have met many people who initially tried using “DEEMAK KA TEL” . Most important, it doesn’t work at all. It only creates bad smell for a very long time. In absence of proper guidance, people keep applying or painting the damaged portions. But, what they do not understand that these are useless product not at all designed to stop termites from attacking the wood. The termites always attack from hidden portion where no TEL or paint can be applied. Therefore, the chemical can only reach by drilling and injecting inside direct to the termite activity spot. There are products specially made by multinationals like Bayers, FMC which are approved by CIB.

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