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Termite Baiting System

We have exclusive rights of Decke Global Innovative Products from Australia. For the first time in India, we have introduced the Termite Baiting System.

  1. The following “Termite Bait Station” is buried underground.
  2. According to the size of the bungalow, ground and problem, we bury number of such stations at strategic locations.
  3. This structure has high cellulose wood with termite attractant.
  4. Therefore, termites get attracted to these stations smelling the wood, feed on them and consum our bait.
  5. Then those termites take the bait laden food back to the queen termite.
  6. Queen termite feeds the entire colony thereby effectively killing all termites in the colony and eliminating the colony itself.

Advantages of Termite Baiting System

  1. First Termite Eradication System
  2. No use of poisonous chemicals
  3. Micro Crystalline Cellulose(MCC) – actually encourages termites to ingest and spread the active ingredient to the rest of the colony. This purified microcrystalline cellulose matrix is an extremely appetizing (more so than wood itself) termite food source
  4.  Once the bait is taken, borax acid comes into operation and starts killing a termite destroying its stomach and nervous system. Termites die just from dehydration.
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