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pest control services
Pest Control Services- get one stop solution

Pest Control Services – what all pests and their services are available for you

We provide entire range of pest control services to protect your health. We maintain pest hygiene at your home and office. We use best of the chemicals and these are supplied to us from best brands available in India. Before deciding which pest control service suits to your requirement, please read the pages with our service details and locations we are present. You can click on the relevant service section from the list below.

  1. Termite Control
  2. Cockroach Control
  3. Rodent Control
  4. Dust Mite Control
  5. Bedbug Control
  6. Mosquito Control
  7. Ant Control
  8. Housefly Control
  9. Lizard Control
  10. Drain Fly Control
  11. Fruit Fly Control

You can also write back to us stating your requirements so that we can recommend you the right kind of pest control checklist.

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Get all your queries answered in our exhaustive FAQ page.

 You can also go to your service location page and find out.We call you to take visit appointment of our pest technician at your convenient time. Our trained pest technicians carry all the equipments, pesticides, safety gears along with them.

We cover all aspect of pest control services including:

  1. Residential Basic Pest Control  (Basic AMC)
  2. Residential comprehensive Pest Control  (Pest Health Shield AMC)
  3. Commercial customized Pest Control  AMC
  4. Pest & Hygiene Assessment Services
  5. Relocation Pest Control
  6. Relocation Deep Cleaning and Pest Control
  7. Pest & Hygiene training to domestic maids and cooks
  8. Car Pest Control – Dust Mites
  9. New Property Pest Assessment
  10. School Bus Pest Control Services
  11. Luxury Bus Pest Control Services
  12. Collect keys of a closed house, perform pest control and then submit keys and pest certificate back by post or in person.Pick-up care taker along with keys, perform the pest control and drop at the given place after the service.We can collect your home keys from your office, perform the service and then hand them back to you at your office back.

    To prepare your pest control services quote we will need the following information:

    1. Your suitable time and date for service
    2. What all services you want to avail
    3. You want the in your presence or absence
    4. Do you also want cleaning service after the pest control services
    5. Do you also want perfume service
    6. If there are any steps you wish to undertake yourself (eg taking the dog to the vet or airport)
    7. Your contact phone number

    Pricing  The Pricing of services is variable depending upon the services opted and the Locations/ Destinations

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