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Pest Control North Delhi

Strong Presence in North Delhi

 Pest Control North Delhi 

Pest Control is a major requirement in North Delhi. Most of the buildings are regularly attacked by termites and other pest. There are lot of local Pest Control players in North Delhi. But, unfortunately, large number of these are unauthorized, untrained and not-certified professionals. Lot of pest control requirements from North Delhi comes who says we want only herbal pest control. Actually, they are not herbal at all but even more dangerous than regular chemical pest control. Want to know why?

Herbal Pest Control services offered in North Delhi & Facts about it

Actually, we must understand that anything herbal is not safe. Also, HERBAL is not the solution for all the problems. Furthermore, If we have pest problem and we want to ensure safety, we should consider the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach. There are reliable multinational companies producing target specific Pest Control Products which are safe. They are tasted for human and pest safety on rigorous standards and then declared fit for use by professional Pest Control Operators. You might come across shabby uncertain looking pest control technician talking about herbal pest control. Just ask, what is the scientific or botanical name of those herbs. In fact, they mix unbranded dangerous agricultural pesticide into some dough and call it herbal.

Do we have Herbal Option and how effective is it?

There are very limited herbal pest control manufacturers in India and they are limited to few pests. In terms of efficacy, there are few excellent chemicals such as Fipronil Based Gel, Pyrethrum extract, Imidachloprid, Deltamethrin etc.manufactured by global brands and they are approved for household use by expert pest control technicians. They are more effective against broad range of household pests.

Areas and Pest Control Problem in North Delhi

    1. Rohini: All Rohini Sectors, Naraina Vihar, Tilak Nagar, Bindapur, DU Road, Gulabi Bagh, Janta Market, Karampura, Kingsway Camp, Lawrence Road, Mall Road, Mohan Garden, Nilothi, North Campus, Budh Vihar, Civil Hospital, Delhi University
    2. Model Town: Gujranwala Town, Tagore Park, Model Town, Kalyan Vihar, Mahendru Enclave, Derawal Nagar, Ishwar Colony, State Bank Colony, Rana Pratap Bagh
    3. Pitampura: NSP, Deepali Enclave, West Enclave, Saraswati Vihar, Lok Vihar, Tarun Enclave, CD, Kohat Enclave, Puspanjali Enclave, Sharda Niketan, Harsh Vihar, Sandesh Vihar,  1, A, AD, AP, Chanderlok Enclave, B, Bank Vihar, BD, BU, C, CP, CU, CV, D, DV, E, Engineer Enclave, F, FU, Garg Tower, GD, Gditi Northex Tower, GP, H, Harit Niketan, HD, HP, HU, Income Tax Colony, Janta Colony, Julala Society, Kailash Enclave, Kalyan Vihar, Kapil Vihar, KD, KP, KU, L, LD, Lotus Enclave, M, M2K, Kadambari Society, Maharana Pratap Enclave, Maulana Azad Society, Maurya Enclave, MD, MP, MU, N, ND, Nishant Kunj, North Square Mall, P, Power House, Prashant Vihar, PU, Pundrik Vihar, QD, Raj Nagar, Raja Enclave, Rani Bagh, Rishi Nagar, Rohit Kunj, RU, Sainik Vihar.


Our specialized solutions to the problems of pest control North Delhi

We are proud to say that we provide an Environmentally Conscious Pest Control Alternative in North Delhi for your home or business.

We have made it a mission to choose environmentally sensitive ways to address Pest Control North Delhi problems. We will always take the extra steps to ensure that your pest problem is solved, without going overboard in ways that are unnecessarily destructive to the environment in the process.

We stress on:

  • More natural ways of pest control
  • Less chemical pesticide
  • Less pesticide resistance
  • Less toxic pesticide
  • Less expensive plan yet highly effective

We combine two distinct methods to pest control that have proven to be very successful for our Pest Control North Delhi unit and throughout the DELHI NCR:

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Environmental Pest Management (EPM)

Integrated Pest Management is based on interrupting the life cycle of pests.

Key Principles of IPM

1. Partnership

2. Pest Awareness

3. Exclusion

4. Restriction

5. Destruction

6. Monitoring

Whereas, Environmental Pest Management disrupts their ideal living environment. Interrupting those cycles and needs so that they cannot thrive and live in your home, in combination with tried and true pest control techniques, creates a knowledge-based approach that results in a successful method for eliminating pests while using minimal, if any, pesticides.

Components of IPM

1. Expertise

2. Setting Objectives of Pest Control

3. Initial Site Survey

4. Identifying Treatment Areas

5. Identify Pests and Risk associated with Pests

6. Set control Measures

7. Set Monitoring System

8. Partnership with Client

9. Record Keeping

10. Evaluation of the program

11. Preventive & Corrective Actions

12. Pest Awareness

We provide services to Pest Control North Delhi that’s Safe for your Home and Family

Keeping your home and family free of pests is an important job, and when you can find a way to do so successfully without toxic solutions, that’s even better. We suggest using natural methods, such as steam, vacuuming, and physical barriers to control pests and protect your family and your home while being gentle to the environment. We offer a BASIC home service plan that includes an inspection of your home followed by a report containing the information you’ll need for future preventive measures. The inspection specifically searches for signs of cockroaches, rodents, crawling insects, spiders, lizards and bed bugs.

Commercial Pest Control in North Delhi and Surrounding Areas

      Pest Control North Delhi offers a range of commercial pest control services that include:

  1. Inspection/Analysis/Recommendations
  2. Analysis of Pest Control Trends
  3. HACCP Review
  4. Quality Assurance Audits
  5. Consultations
  6. Emergency Services (When Needed)
  7. Employee Education

We will use any methods necessary to stop pests in their tracks before they become a liability for your business.

Pest Control coverage for commercial establishments in and around North Delhi: Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Lizards, Spiders, Ants, Bed Bugs, Rodents, Wasps, Bees and other Pests.

Our pest control North Delhi services include:

  1. Commercial Pest Control and Management
  2. Residential Pest Control Services
  3. Termite Control
  4. Ant Control
  5. Anti-Termite Control
  6. Pre-construction and Post-construction Termite Protection & Control
  7. Bee Removal
  8. Wasp Control
  9. Mice and Rat Control
  10. Bird Control
  11. Exclusion from the Structure
  12. Repair of Structures

Contact Pest Control North Delhi unit

When you want safe, effective, efficient, and ecologically friendly pest control for your residence or business, contact us at +91 9540450376 in order to get rid of any kind of pest, including bed bugs, wasps, ants, cockroaches, as well as birds.

Let’s check if we have served in your neighbourhood and if we can give you extended 5% discount

If your apartment name features in the following list, you will get 5% additional discount on top of our application seasonal discount for your locality.

Major Apartments covered by our Rohini Cluster:


  1. Adarsh Apartment
  2. Akashkunj Apartment
  3. Alok Kunj Apartment
  4. Aman Apartment
  5. Ambika Apartment
  6. Angam Apartment
  7. Antriksh Apartment
  8. Aradhana Apartment
  9. Aravali Kunj Apartment
  10. Arya Apartment
  11. Astha Apartment
  12. Ayodhya Apartment
  13. Baba Apartment
  14. Baghbhan Apartment
  15. Ballav Vihar Apartment
  16. Banda Bahadur Apartment
  17. Beverly Park II
  18. Bhagya Laxmi Apartment
  19. Bharat Apartment
  20. Canal View Apartment
  21. Canara Apartment
  22. Chetak Apartment
  23. Cosy Apartment
  24. Datta Ram Apartment
  25. Delhi Citizen Apartment
  26. Dharam Kunj Apartment
  27. Dhruv Apartment
  28. Divya Jyoti Apartment
  29. Farmer Apartment
  30. Fresels Apartment
  31. Friend Apartment
  32. Ganga Triveni Apartment
  33. Golden Jublee Apartment
  34. Goodwill Apartment
  35. Guru Apartment
  36. Harsh Vihar Apartment
  37. Indraprashtha Apartment
  38. Jaina Apartment
  39. Kadambari Apartment
  40. Kamdhenu Apartment
  41. Kedar Apartment
  42. Kewal Kunj Apartment
  43. Khurram Apartment
  44. Lal Jyoti Apartment
  45. Lok Nayak Apartment
  46. Madhav Kunj Apartment
  47. Maheshwari Apartment
  48. Mayur Apartment
  49. Millennium Apartment
  50. Modern Apartment
  51. Nav Vikas Apartment
  52. Nilgiri Apartment
  53. New Modern Apartment
  54. New Saraswati Apartment
  55. Nilkanth Apartment
  56. Oriental Apartment
  57. Palam City Apartment
  58. Parvana Vihar Apartment
  59. Patel Apartment
  60. Platinum Enclave
  61. Pragatisheel Apartment
  62. Prem Kutir Apartment
  63. Printer Apartment
  64. Priya Apartment
  65. Puru Apartment
  66. Rang Rasayan Apartment
  67. Sai Apartment
  68. Samay Vihar Apartment
  69. Sangam Apartment
  70. Sathi Apartment
  71. Saubhagya Apartment
  72. Savera Apartment
  73. Shanti Apartment
  74. Sheetal Apartment
  75. Shivam Apartment
  76. Shukhdham Apartment
  77. Starlight Apartment
  78. Sukhdham Apartment
  79. Sun Rise Apartment
  80. Sunder Bagh
  81. Sunheri Bagh Apartment
  82. Sunrise Apartment
  83. Suvidha Apartment
  84. Swastik Kunj Apartment
  85. Sweet Home Apartment
  86. Uco Apartment
  87. Varun Apartment
  88. Vasundhara Apartment
  89. Veer Apartment
  90. Vikas Sheel Apartment
  91. Vikrant Apartment
  92. Vinobha Kunj Apartment
  93. Vivekanand Apartment
  94. Welcome Apartment
  95. White House Apartment

Apartments for Pest Control in Pitampura Area

  1. Bhagwan Budh Society
  2. Dudhial Apartment
  3. Galib Apartment
  4. Gujrat Apartment
  5. Guru Nanak Apartment
  6. IDPL Apartment
  7. Jagriti Apartment
  8. Jain Shiv Apartment
  9. Jhulelal Apartment
  10. Jyoti Apartment
  11. Madhu Bhan Apartment
  12. Mandakini Apartment
  13. Mausam Apartment
  14. Milan Apartment
  15. Naveen Apartment
  16. Parijaat Apartment
  17. Rajsthali Apartment
  18. Rashmi Apartment
  19. Sahyog Apartment
  20. Sharda Apartment
  21. Tower Apartment
  22. Venus Apartment
  23. Vikash Apartment
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