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Pest Control Delhi

List of all the location we serve in Delhi NCR


Pest Control Delhi NCR – your local expert with global experience

We have all it takes to serve all the locations & provide our best to pest control Delhi NCR:


  1. Our technicians are trained to reach all the location to provide services to pest control Delhi NCR on motor bikes on committed time.
  2. We have clients in most of the residential apartments/condominiums/colonies.
  3. You can always check for references from our clients in your nearby localities. This gives you lots of confidence.

We have created very strong network to serve the requirements of Pest Control Delhi NCR extensively. We have divided entire Pest Control Delhi NCR in 10 zones for the convenience of our valued clients. Each of the zone has dedicated team who understand that area well. We know all the major condominiums, societies, corporates of that area. For example, if you find out that we already have many clients in your own condominium or locality, it will be easier for you to check our credentials. We have enough clients to whom we provide services in Delhi and surrounding NCR area and we can give you the reference when required.

 Unless the pest control technicians are well trained and local expert, it will be a challenge to provide services to pest control Delhi NCR on committed time. We have done a detailed study of all critical pest zones, mainly termite zones linked to residential areas and we have special technician squads responsible for different zones.

To how well we are equipped and ready to serve to any of the location in Delhi NCR, kindly click on any of the following major location where your home falls in:

  1. Gurgaon
  2. South Delhi
  3. East Delhi
  4. Central Delhi
  5. North Delhi
  6. West Delhi
  7. Noida
  8. Greater Noida
  9. Ghaziabad
  10. Faridabad

Pest Control Delhi Locality Advantage Deal: 5% instant discount

You will notice on the right side bar, all the 10 location of Pest Control Delhi NCR have been listed. Please visit your locality page. If the society you stay appears in our list of societies we already serve, you get 5% instant discount. This is because we can forward you the discount benefit as we are able to do the heap scheduling to the society we already serve.

We also keep on providing various season promotional discounts in our different pest control service segments.

pest control delhi
Pest Control Delhi NCR – 10% discount on online booking of termite and cockroach service in Delhi NCR

This special promotional pest control delhi NCR discount for booking termite & cockroach services is valid for March 2015. Therefore, if you book your enquiry through website, you get this discount. Hurry before it closes. And don’t forget to check your locality for the list of favoured apartments wherein you get additional 5% instant discount.

pest control delhi

Pest Control Delhi – Killer combo discount 15% if you book combo termite and cockroach service

We have even better news for you. If you chose to book termite and cockroach (includes all crawling health pest) together in our combo service package, you get 15% discount. Please note, you still qualify for the  additional 5% instant discount if your flat falls in our favoured list of apartments in Delhi NCR which you can check in your locality page.

pest control delhi
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