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Pest Control Central Delhi

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Offers & Discounts for Pest Control Central Delhi

Welcome to our special offers for central Delhi residents. We understand entire Central Delhi and nearby localities and most of its prime properties. We will give you most appropriate and economical pest solution.

We get some common pest service requests from few important part of Central Delhi on regular basis. Due to larger demand, we have created offers for Pest Control Central Delhi according to season and typical pest problems.

These high pest problem areas are:

  1. Connaught Place: Connaught Place is right at the center of Delhi and we have mostly commercial clients here. We are mostly providing “General Pest Management” service to the clients.
  2. Major Areas Connaught Place: Barakhamba, Bengali Market, Janpath, Sansad Marg, Surya Kiran Building, Tolstoy House, Mohandev Building, Merchantile House, 11, Akashdeep Building, Amba Deep Building, Antriksh Bhawan, Ashoka Road, Atma Ram House, Aurangzeb Road, Babar Road, Bahadurshah Zafar Marg, Arunachal Building, Bank of Baroda Building, Bapu Nagar, Bhagat Singh Market, Birla Tower, C, Connaught Circus, Central Lane, Commercial Tower, CP, CP Circle, CP Square, D, Dakshineshwar Building, Dhawan Deep Building, DLF Building, DLF Capital Point, E, Firoz Shah Road, G, GCPL, Gole Market, Hailey Road, Hamilton House, Hansalya Building, Hanuman Road, Helly Road, ITO, India Gate, Indraprastha Building, Inner Circle, Jantar Mantar Road, Jeevan Bharti Building, Jeevan Tara Building, Jindal House, K, Kailash Building, Kaka Nagar, Himlayan Building, Kanchan Junga Building, KG Marg, Le Meridian Complex, M, MB, Middle Circle, Narain Manjil, Naurang House, New Shankar Market, Nirmal Tower, Nirman Bhawan, Niryat Bhawan, Outer Circle, Pandara Road, Parliament Street, Prakashdeep Building, Prithvi Raj Road, Railway Officer Enclave, Rajesh Pilot Lane, RML Hospital, Rohit House
  3. Karolbagh: Civil Line, Faiz Road, 20, LHO, Alipur Road,  GT Karnal Road, New Rohtak Road, Old Rohtak Road, Jhandewalan, Tis Hazari, Arya Samaj Road, 10, 15 A, Anand Nagar, Ansari Road, B, 4, Bank Street, Bedon Pura, Bengali Market, Bhagwati market, Channa Market, DB Gupta, Dev Nagar, East, Filmistan, Ganesh Pur, Gurudwara Road, Joshi Road, Karolbagh, Liberty Cinema, Madipur Village, Main Tank Road, Mansarovar Garden, Park Area, Park Road, Park View, Prabhat Road, Prasad Nagar, Rajendra Nagar, Rajendra Place, Rani Jhansi Road, Regharpura, Sansad Marg, Saraswati Marg,   Solitaire Plaza, Tilak Marg, WEA, GB Road, Asif Ali Road, Saravati Marg, Rohtak Road, 15 A, Kamal Vihar, East Park, Hansh Cinema, Ramjas Road, Gupta Road, Pusa Road, Doriwalan, Mahindra Park, Mahendru Enclave, Pusa Road, Prasad Nagar, Krishna Nagar, Miyanwali Nagar, Mori Gate, Motia Khan, Rajinder Nagar, Asaf Ali Road, 6, Samnath Marg, Timar Pur, Swasth Vihar, Robin Steps

Glance of Pest Control (Central Delhi)

In Central Delhi where the upscale and posh localities coexist with slum areas, water and sanitation, pest challenges are always high. Another important issue for the residents of Central Delhi has been the problem of drainage and water-logging. Safdarjung Enclave, Green Park and few other areas have encroachments on the drains for creating parking spaces, thus covering them and blocking the passage of water. This aggravated the problem of water-logging especially during monsoons. The stagnant water also breeds mosquitoes endangering the health of people living there. In spite of all these challenges, many expats, NRIs, premium communities prefer to have their residences here. Traditionally, Central Delhi has always been top preference for rich, industrialists, top bureaucrats etc. and, all high end bungalows, farm houses are there in plenty here. Unfortunately this also means it is more susceptible to pest infestations. If your home or business has been comprised by the presence of cockroaches, termites, rodents or other pests, PestGoGo can provide the safe and effective solutions you need. Our eco-friendly pest control services are just as effective as traditional pest control remedies without placing your family, customers, home, or business in harm of toxic chemicals.

Major Challenges & Features of our Pest Control (Central Delhi) unit:

challenges for PESTGOGO Team

1)Wrong identification of pest

2) Incomplete/Incorrect inspections & reports

3)Wrong selection of pesticide

4) Incorrect dose of pesticides

5)Incorrect method of application

6)Lack of Standardized service SOP’s

7) Lack of proper Service delivery Specifications

8) Application time

9) Re-infestation

10) Customer Education

11) False commitments

12) Lack of co-ordination between client and pest Control vendor

13)Incapability of Service Technicians



Our specialized solutions to the problems of pest control Central Delhi
We are proud to say that we provide an Environmentally Conscious Pest Control Alternative in Central Delhi for your home & business.

We have made it a mission to choose environmentally sensitive ways to address Pest Control Central Delhi problems. We will always take the extra steps to ensure that your pest problem is solved, without going overboard in ways that are unnecessarily destructive to the environment in the process.

We stress on:

  • Less chemical pesticide
  • Less pesticide resistance
  • Less toxic pesticide
  • Less expensive plan yet highly effective

We combine two distinct methods to pest control that have proven to be very successful for our Pest Control Central Delhi unit and throughout the DELHI NCR:

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Environmental Pest Management (EPM)

Integrated Pest Management is based on interrupting the life cycle of pests. Whereas, Environmental Pest Management disrupts their ideal living environment. Interrupting those cycles and needs so that they cannot thrive and live in your home, in combination with tried and true pest control techniques, creates a knowledge-based approach that results in a successful method for eliminating pests while using minimal, if any, pesticides.

We provide services to Pest Control Central Delhi that’s Safe for your Home and Family.

Keeping your home and family free of pests is an important job, and when you can find a way to do so successfully without toxic solutions, that’s even better. We suggest using natural methods, such as steam, vacuuming, and physical barriers to control pests and protect your family and your home while being gentle to the environment. We offer a BASIC home service plan that includes an inspection of your home followed by a report containing the information you’ll need for future preventive measures. The inspection specifically searches for signs of cockroaches, rodents, crawling insects, spiders, lizards and bed bugs.

Commercial Pest Control in Central Delhi and Surrounding Areas

Pest Control Central Delhi offers a range of commercial pest control services that include:

  1. Inspection/Analysis/Recommendations
  2. Analysis of Pest Control Trends
  3. HACCP Review
  4. Quality Assurance Audits
  5. Consultations
  6. Emergency Services (When Needed)
  7. Employee Education

We will use any methods necessary to stop pests in their tracks before they become a liability for your business.

Pest Control coverage for commercial establishments in and around Central Delhi: Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Lizards, Spiders, Ants, Bed Bugs, Rodents, Wasps, Bees and other Pests.

Our pest control Central Delhi services include:

  1. Commercial Pest Control and Management
  2. Residential Pest Control Services
  3. Termite Control
  4. Ant Control
  5. Anti-Termite Control
  6. Pre-construction and Post-construction Termite Protection & Control
  7. Bee Removal
  8. Wasp Control
  9. Mice and Rat Control
  10. Bird Control
  11. Exclusion from the Structure
  12. Repair of Structures

Contact Pest Control Central Delhi unit

When you want safe, effective, efficient, and ecologically friendly pest control for your residence or business, contact us at +91 9555 786 622 in order to get rid of any kind of pest, including bed bugs, wasps, ants, cockroaches, as well as birds.

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