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An Introduction to Mosquito Control

Pestgogo provides you comprehensive mosquito control including anti larval, fogging and adulticide treatment. We also provide fishes like Poecilia reticulata (Guppy), and Gambusia affinis (Gambusia) which are larvivorous. Mosquitoes are one of the most deadly creatures on this earth and are the cause of death in many human beings. Mosquitoes cause a variety of diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Encephalitis etc.

Damages by Mosquitoes


  • Mosquitoes are one of the most deadly creatures on this earth and are the cause of death in many human beings. Mosquitoes cause a variety of diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Encephalitis etc.
  • Only female mosquitoes bite humans, or animals. This is not due to any form of enmity, rather they need blood to lay eggs and blood provides them protein. Male mosquitoes drink blood without any need to nourish eggs, rather they drink it like other bugs drink the nectar of flowers.
  • There are some mosquitoes that prefer animal and bird blood to human blood.
  • Females need water for eggs and if they do not have much body water then they can make do with water from puddles or rainwater that has been collected in abandoned objects such as old tyres that have been thrown away.
  • Mosquitoes can detect the presence of carbon dioxide from 75 miles away and they know that if there is carbon dioxide then the human or animal that is producing it will also be nearby and instantly the female is ready for her blood meal.
  • Mosquitoes weigh at 2.5 miligrams or 0.0025 grams.
  • One mosquito has 47 teeth.
  • There are 250 million cases of malaria every year out of which one million ends in casualties and the majority of these victims are children. Many of these deaths are caused by the use of fake or non genuine medication.
  • Mostly males die within 2 weeks but females can endure for a month, maybe more and cause much damage in this period.
  • Females can lay 300 eggs at a time.

Although they like being around humans they can travel upto 20 miles for a blood meal.

Preventive Environment Friendly Steps for effective Mosquito Control

  1. Be careful at sunset as this is when there is the most risk of mosquitoes coming out to bite people. Therefore, the best time to do mosquito control by fogging is sunset to repel those adult mosquitoes.
  2. When you enjoy your food, be careful while you are at a table eating, because mosquitoes like to roam under tables and chairs in search of their prey.
  3. When trekking in the forests, be sure to wear beige of khakee colors, researchers have determined that bright colored clothes are more attractive to mosquitoes and hence they are drawn towards them.
  4. If there are holes in the mesh of your window be sure to get them repaired as early as possible and do not let it stay open as this will invite mosquitoes.
  5. Mosquitoes are attracted to body odour caused by sweat and therefore we should be more aware and careful of our hygiene and cleanliness
  6. Mosquitoes are attracted to the smell of flowers as well, so be careful of your scent when in outdoor areas where mosquitoes are plenty.
  7. The better you cover your body the better you will be protected from mosquitoes.
  8. Lizards eat all the mosquitoes in the area so if you are lucky enough that one enters your home, allow it to stay.
  9. When you enter a new house or hotel make sure the bathroom is clean and the bathroom door is closed because there is a great possibility of mosquitoes breeding in the water.

 Sunset and sunrise

  • It is during sunset and sunrise that mosquitoes are on the prowl for blood – This is the most important time for adult mosquito control.
  • Dress
  • Try and cover the whole body as much as possible and as according to the temperature and weather to protect yourself.
  • Drainage

Please thoroughly check your home for spaces where there is collection of water that could help mosquitoes breed. Mosquitoes breeding like this will not only cause you damage but also bother your neighbourhood. This is why you should make it a rule to get rid of all the unnecessary water, boxes and other things that are unneeded in the house.

Tips for removing Mosquito breeding sites for effective mosquito control:

  • Balconies, pits and drains should be clear and drained of all water.
  • Abandoned tires in playgrounds should be destroyed or at least punctured so that water cannot collect in them.
  • Plastic containers and bowls should be kept upside down.
  • Tossed bottles of cold drinks, coffee etc. should be destroyed.
  • Tarpaulins and such other machines have a tendency to collect water and hence should be regularly drained.
  • Water should be drained out for effective mosquito control.

Tips to escape mosquito bites:

  • Apply repellant on exposed skin.
  • Wear light colored clothes during the day because bright clothes attract mosquitoes.
  • During the day, try and stay clear of shade. Mosquitoes do not bite while in sunlight.
  • Stay away from areas that are near water or are water logged and could be possible mosquito breeding sites.
  • Keep your hands and feet covered or wear long sleeved shirts and pants during sunrise and sunset, when mosquitoes are most active.
  • Use safe mosquito repellants.

When it is heavy mosquito season and repellants are ineffective two of them can by used simultaneously but carefully when applied on children and one should be mindful of their allergies and those of the elderly.

Unique Offer from PESTGOGO for Mosquito Control

fogging by pestgogo

  • We will do a thorough inspection and then give you the recommendations.
  • We provide fogging service to repel adult mosquitoes- an effective way of mosquito control.
  • We provide residual sprays to prevent mosquitoes to sit/rest on walls, shrubs, dark places. This gives lots of relief in mosquito control.
  • We also provide anti-larval treatment for mosquito control.
  • We also provide larvivorous fishes – a natural way of mosquito control.
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