Why Lizard Control has become so important in spite of it’s being unharming

Lizard Control has become so important due to fear & aesthetic factor at home and at food and pharmaceutical industries, it is a serious threat. PestGoGo provides your Lizard Control in a very planned and organized manner. We have many food factories and society residents happy by debuting our team in the night and by morning most of the lizards are caught. We have to carry them out in bucket full loads for disposal.

Preventive Steps we suggest for Lizard Control

  1. Should a lizard enter your home, there are several ways to capture and release it outdoors. None of the methods is simple, so once the lizard is relocated outdoors, make sure it can’t re-enter the home. We will come to other Lizard Control method but yet we strongly recommend to rely more on prevention.
  2. For the adventurous way Lizard Control, there is a method known as “nosing.” Noosing involves slipping a noose over the lizard’s head and gently tightening the noose to secure the lizard, which can then be safely carried outdoors and set free. This method requires a degree of skill because the noose must be slowly lowered over the lizard’s head without touching it and then quickly tightened by pulling upward and slightly backward before the lizard runs through the nose and escapes. Noses can be made out of relatively stiff materials like dental floss or fish line. If using dental floss, it should be at least 3 feet long. The same with fish line — or a slender fishing pole can be used to hold and steady the line.
  3. Another way to trap a lizard is to carefully put a small box over it. With the lizard in the box, gently slip a piece of cardboard under the box to cover the opening. Pick the entire unit up and take it outside.
  4. To prevent lizards from entering the home, seal all openings 1/4 inch and larger. Check areas such as corners of doors and windows, around water pipes, electrical service entrances, ventilation screens, water pipes, etc. Tight-fitting door seals, with no gaps at the edges, are important prevention measures. Unlike rats and mice, lizards cannot gnaw through wood and other common building materials. A number of materials can be used to seal access points, including insulating foam, caulking, flashing, and steel wool.
  5. Good sanitation can be helpful in Lizard Control in reducing the number of lizards around a home, although it alone will not eliminate their presence. Off-the-ground storage of lumber, crates, boxes, sacks, gardening equipment and other household items will make an area less suitable for lizards by reducing their hiding spots.
  6. Lizards enter your home due to food sources and warm conditions.
  7. If they are alerted in any way or they feel footsteps, they run away and hide.
  8. They are nocturnal make a squeaking noise, They walk around walls and windows at night ago to areas which are well lit and look for bugs to eat near the light sources like tube lights, bulbs etc. They are not enemies. They are friends.
  9. Brown lizards are good for your garden. They eat cockroaches and other bugs that harm plants. They even eat eggs and prevent their propagation.
  10. They are helpful in the fact that they eat insects.
  11. They will not damage your property, so don’t kill them. When they are scared their stomach turns the color of rust.
  12. Some lizards bleed from their eyes when they get scared.
  13. Lizards love drinking water, when you are watering plants you will be able to notice lizards happily lapping up the water with their tongues.
  14. Close cracks in doors and windows and prevent them from coming in.
  15. Lock windows with metal locks and meshes.
  16. Do not leave any holes or openings in the house and seal the house from lizards.
  17. To get rid of lizards it is necessary to get rid of the insects. If you cut off their food supply they will stop coming.
  18. Sticky tapes are effective against lizards once their food sources have been deprived, sticky traps will easily catch lizards.
  19. There are some powders and repellants that are nontoxic in nature and drive away lizards without causing them any harm.
  20. Bugs, mice, pests, cockroach, larvae, caterpillar, tortoise, spider or lizards scare most people regardless of whether they cause harm or not and do not wish to see them in their homes.
  21. Keep your food covered, you do not want to give the job of meal taste to your residential lizard.
  22. Lizards like being hidden away and isolated in places like TVs, tube lights or behind frames. Keep these places clean and keep moving the furniture to keep the lizard out.
  23. Naphthalene balls are very effective for Lizard Control. They keep bugs and insects away and in turn drive away lizards. They don’t only belong in cupboards and cotton cloths, they can be put near your grills, window meshes and so on to keep lizards away. Lizards do not like their smell and are repelled by it.
  24. If you grab a lizard by its tail then the tail will easily come off in your hand. Lizards are able to sacrifice their tails and grow new ones with ease.
  25. They are afraid of peacock feathers and it causes them to run away.

Unique Offer from PESTGOGO.COM for Lizard Control

  1. First, we take away their food by doing a little pest control around the house.
  2. Next, we set out some repellent granules or repellent spray.
  3. We sometimes set out lizard traps if they’re inside the home.
  4. To reduce lizard food, we treat the foundation and landscape around your buildings. Our gentle chemical spray will provide a quick knockdown and control of any insect. In many cases, spraying every 1-2 months around your home will force any nuisance lizards away with nothing further needed and effective Lizard Control ultimately.