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Fruit Fly Control – how can you first correctly identify that you have fruit fly problem.

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They are often found lingering around overripe and rotting fruit. You will always find them near food counters, food waste bins, restaurant storage and garbage area and bar area. They are very small in size and definitely not house fly.

What problem makes it urgent to get fruit fly control?

fruit-fly control by PESTGOGO

  1. Fruit flies are a major headache to everyone who are concerned about the safety of food. It includes the supply, storage, and manufacturing, restaurants and food service industries, and their customers.
  2. Fruit fly larvae (maggots) can cause your fruit and vegetables to turn into a soft, mushy mess. Adult female fruit flies lay eggs in the flesh of ripening and ripe fruits and vegetables. Once the eggs hatch, the larvae begin to feed within the fruit, causing it to ripen prematurely, rot and drop to the ground. This damage can make your fruit inedible.
  3. Fruit flies cause a high percentage of insect contamination of fruit and fruit products by depositing bacteria and other disease causing organisms.

Preventive steps we suggest in our Fruit Fly Control Program:

fly control by PESTGOGO

  1. Reduce the presence of ripe fruits and vegetables; place them in a refrigerator or a paper bag
  2. Close the lids on all garbage and waste containers
  3. Clean up and spills and inspect the environment for potential breeding areas; dirty sponges and washcloths, drains, broken tiles, and standing water
  4. Degrease and clean drains and sink areas.
  5. Use vinegar: Put liquid soap in a dish. Then take a bowl. Pour one cup vinegar in the bowl. 5-6 put drops of soap in the bowl. Place this trap where you see fruit flies. They will be attracted towards the smell of vinegar and when they try to sit on it, even though they are proficient on surfaces such as these, the liquid soap breaks the surface tension and they fall inside and drown.
  6. Regularly wipe counters, clean spills and empty your trash cans to help prevent fruit fly infestations. The first step in addressing a fruit fly infestation is the destruction of their feeding and breeding grounds. Fruit flies often lay their eggs in rotten fruit and other soft, sweet, organic materials.
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