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Why dust mite control is required- we need to understand this first.

Dust Mites cause allergic reactions in people and also cause asthma. Cars have the biggest probability of housing dust mites and if small kids or even adults start sneezing there after sometimes, you need urgent dust mite control by experts. Not every pest controller will offer you this service at least effectively. PestGoGo has experienced team who knows exactly what needs to be done.

Problems faced by us in absence of  Dust Mite Control- lets understand this…

An average human sheds between 30 to 40 thousand dead skin cells daily. After sweeping your house, about 75-90% of the dust found consists of dead skin cells. And there is one kind of organism in your house that considers dead skin cells such as these to be a delicacy – Dust Mites!

Dust Mites are microscopic insects that live off feeding on your dead skin. Although they don’t carry any diseases, they do however cause allergic reactions in certain people and also cause asthma. If in case you have any pets such as cats or dogs in your home, then their copious amounts of shedding will also add to your pile of dead skin.

This means that there is constant cleaning going on at home, but does your car also get daily cleaning? If the car has velvet, fur or toweled seat covers then cleaning becomes even more difficult around these materials. Actually, cars have the biggest probability of housing dust mites, especially those cars, where the driver spends most of his time inside the car, whether he is driving it, or waiting in it. Besides this, the car’s air conditioner does the rest of the necessary dirty work. When you park a car rendered cold by the air conditioner in a sunny area, the cold air condenses and dampens the velvet seats on which dead skin has already collected in vast amounts. Then, when these wet, dead skin infested seats become warmer, it becomes the most apt circumstance for dust mites to begin breeding.

Preventive Steps for effective Dust Mite Control

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  1. A new mattress is colonized by dust mites within 4 weeks!
  2. If you buy a new mattress, don’t use it without putting on it a good-quality anti-dust mite cover. Thus, your mattress won’t be contaminated.
  3. If your mattress is older than 3 months:
    1. Open out the mattress and aerate it. In summer, take out the mattress from the cover to eliminate any moisture.
    2. Vacuum the mattress well, to remove the maximum amount of dust mites.
    3. Enclose the mattress with a full and good quality anti-dust mite cover. Repeat this process every six months when you clean your bedcovers.
    4. Put your sheet on your mattress cover.
  • Eliminate dust, wherever it is:

 Regularly vacuum curtains and fitted carpets. Replace curtains with fine, washable textiles and fitted carpets with washable flooring, where ever possible.

  1. Sort clothing and other textile items in your cupboards, ensure cupboards close well to protect clothing from dust
  2. Vacuum the base of the bed carefully. Opt for a slatted bed base rather than a bed base made from textiles.
  • Absolutely avoid the presence of pets in the bedroom.

 Wash regularly, at 60°C or more, the rest of your bedding (duvets, pillows, bolsters, banket etc.) or enclose them in an anti-dust mite cover. if you cannot clean them, insert them in the freezer and then carefully vacuum the bedding before enclosing them in a dust mite proof cover.

Unique Offer from PESTGOGO.COM for Dust Mites Control

dustmite treatment by PESTGOGO



  1. We will do a thorough inspection and then give you the recommendations.
  2. We also provide vacuuming service along with mild spray service to flush out and give you 100% effective dust mite control.
  3. If you take other services from us, as a combo offer, we will give you free dust mite control for your car. Check out our offers for your locality.
  4. Dust mites are generally a problem even if in mild form which you do not realize. It triggers mild allergies and you keep on sneezing that it happened due to dust mites present in your car. Especially, in summers when your car AC are normally put on, your own skin, heat, moisture condensed from AC etc. grows dust mites. Do not avoid this treatment. You can’t say that it will not be a problem if the car is high end.
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