Drain fly Control – understanding what actually is this so that you can identify the accurate problem first and foremost…

Drain fly is seen in various rooms of the house such as Bathrooms, Kitchens and even Basements and are most commonly seen at night. Neither do they bite nor not do they spread diseases. They eat spoilt organic and sewage material. You find it difficult to explain but sense that it is not a normal housefly. The adults can be seen near spoiling sewage or organic material in your bathroom walls etc. And their larva can be seen near sewage as well.

Understanding the problems associated them before going for Drain fly Control:

  1. These can cause serious problems as a large number of them can clog up the sewage. They are dangerous when in numbers.
  2. Where they are found at home:Sink Drain, Garage, Basement, floor drains, broken down or unused sinks, un-cleaned trashcans, and other damp areas in the house.
  3. Where they are found outside the home: Near compost, in badly garbage filled areas, Damaged septic lines, Collected rainwater sewage etc.

Preventive Steps recommended by us for Drain fly Control

  1. Take a clean white Plastic Bag. Put a layer of petroleum on the inner surface. Put the bag over the suspicious drain. Leave it there for days and check it regularly.
  2. Glue Board: Place glue board upside down on the drain. Keep it for a few days and check it daily. If the moth comes out it will get stuck to the board and you will have found the entry point. If no moth comes for a few days then try a different drain pipe. If you don’t find any inside the house try the drains directly outside. Once you find it you can remove and clean it and make sure that moths are not attracted to your home.
  3. Use a hard brush to clean the drain.
  4. Repair all leaky pipes
  5. Do not let water collect anywhere and clear it up immediately.
  6. Although they are an important water based part of the eco system, when their population grows, it becomes a serious nuisance for households. They are found in places that stay wet and damp and where they can find nutrients aplenty, such as drains.

Unique Offer from PESTGOGO.COM for  Drain fly Control

We do a thorough inspection and then suggest a series of preventive steps for drain fly control suiting to your structure.