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Complaint Resolution Policy

Pest Control Services Complaint Resolution Policy

There are many clients who instead of opting for AMC Contract, opt for Single Visits. You can refer to the type of services booked by you. While you book any order, you will always find options such as single Service, AMC Contract, 45 Days contract etc.We explain to all our clients that no pest control company should be using pesticides with long residual effect. All the good environment-friendly pesticides to be used in residences and offices should have instant knock down effect, low or nil odor, and very low residual effect. The present population of pest will be eradicated.The service warranty covers any such area left by mistake and not treated to be re-treated without any extra cost. However, wherever there are human beings, kitchen, food coming, insect life stages most commonly egg stages are bound to come along with food supplies and humans.

Single Pest Control Visits/Services:

All single visits are supported with 1 month warranty.

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