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Cockroach Control- Most of the consumer look for Effective, Odorless, Herbal and Safe roach treatment.

The most important issue is how to achieve all the above in one service of cockroach control? Well, there are lot of other factors which has to be kept in mind in order to achieve the above ideal condition.

Fipronil Gel Based Cockroach Control:


cockroach gel by pestgogo

As a result of Science, gels are odorless, effective and safe. But most noteworthy is that it is not at all herbal. In order for it to be effective, it works while the area is clean. Therefore the area shouldn’t be abundant food and water for cockroaches. In most of kitchen, there is no proper cleaning system to eliminate oily greasy deposits on the wall surface and in cracks and crevices. Cockroaches just love those dirty stuff and they would not be attracted towards cockroach gel.So, every kitchen should be deep cleaned at least once a month.

Herbal Treatment for Cockroach Control: 

  • You can also come across few bad professionals, who mixes certain chemicals such as boric acid in Atta/Maida and declare it as herbal.Just because of lack of Knowledge and of greed may be they misguide you.
  • Another most noteworthy thing is that, all which is herbal is not safe. There are lot of herbs which can kill people instantly. So, Most important is if it is a herb, there should be a botanical/scientific name to it. And it is manufactured/processed by a proper manufacturer with a label on it. There are certain herbal options available but they do not look like atta/maida dow and they are properly packaged with label on it.

Flush Out Spray for Cockroach Control

You also have another solution to get rid of cockroaches .While the present status is not suitable for gel treatment due to lot of slime material, and cockroach population is too high. In such cases, a flush out treatment as emergency measure is required.Finally as a result of flush out treatment all the cockroaches will leave your house but to maintain the same, you need regular gel treatment.


Regular Gel Treatment after Flush Out

Once initial flush out treatment is done in your house and kitchen is cleaned properly, a Gel treatment is recommended as follow up for long term result because you need proper treatment in every four months, then as a result you may never see even a single cockroach in your house.

Why is the cockroach control so critical?

Here is the answer. The cockroaches carry most of all germs and bacteria.So, It is a serious threat to health and safety. Roaches pass on many diseases like Food poisoning, dysentery, staphylococcus, pneumonia, plague and polio. Roaches are one of the biggest causes of child asthma. It can cause serious illness and many spoil the image of food establishment. Cockroach control is a must for any establishment whether it is home or office or school or factory or any other place where you spend time.

A good cockroach control will have following critical success factors:

Inspection by Trained & Certified Pest Technician for Cockroach Control Services

It is important for 100%successful cockroach control. The most noteworthy and Most Important thing is that it should be as per recommended 40 point checklist. Where he has to do the gel treatment and where he has to do odorless chemical spray. Cockroaches are thigmotropic. It means that they prefer solid surfaces touching them at all times. Due to this, they are able to squeeze into the tightest of cracks .They can arrange their flexible body according to the shape of the crack and relax in there. This makes our lives much more difficult.

Kitchen & Home Cleaning Practice

  • The most noteworthy thing is that you should ensure cleaning practice. So, that cockroaches do not get their food and water inside your home. In addition to the routine daily cleaning of house by sweeping, dusting and mopping, you have to do more. Which is, every month, special cleaning should be done to remove all oily slimy deposits,stains and splatters etc..
  • It is better to use hot water and white vinegar. Another option is using baking soda. The reason  you remove these deposits, is the cockroaches.Because While the slimy material is there for cockroaches is seems like they will never eat the gel.Therefore, cleaning makes the cockroach gel – 100 times more effective. Or vice versa, if you allow pest control in the homes and offices not-so-clean, you are making the cockroach gel ineffective.

Patience for two to three weeks

The another important point is once, the cockroach gel treatment has been done, it takes time for cockroaches to feed on the gel. Meanwhile, one should not loose patience and use some ready-to-use aerosols to kill cockroaches. By spraying these near the cockroach gel applied, the gel loses its palatability and making it ineffective.

Preventive tips for a successful cockroach control:

  1. You need experts who understand their job. If the technician visiting your home is just an ordinary person who is not capable of explaining you the situation, then you are exposed to risk. They must do proper inspection with all the necessary tools to look into the darkest corner, have the understanding and courage to explain you even your faults. Just by applying pesticides will not solve the problem.
  2. They should also follow up with you or your housekeeping staff whether you/staff followed the advices given on last visit.
  3. You also should have background details of all the technicians entered in your house at any point of time with photographs. After all, security should not be compromised.
  4. They must apply pesticides from calibrated pumps in right dosage.
  5. You must have a service record in your possession with all the interactions.
  6. You must avail the services at the recommended intervals. Do not procrastinate the services for any reason whatsoever. Nothing is more important than your health and specially kids and elders. You don’t change/delay the frequency of taking medicines… right?

Unique Offer from PESTGOGO for Cockroach Control

Pestgogo cockroach control

  1. We have Trained Technicians capable of explaining you the problem, extent of it and solutions. You must ask for their ID Cards, training certificates. They are well equipped to carry out scientific inspection with all the desired tools.
  2. We provide combination of treatments which can solve any simple or even complex situation. These includes gel treatment, flush out treatment, cockroach control by hot air treatment & herbal cockroach control.
  3. We are ISO 9000 and ISO 22000 certified.
  4. Our unique hassle free solution doesn’t interfere in your daily routine. We do target specific treatment by odour-free chemicals and cockroach gel. It doesn’t harm small kids or elders or pregnant ladies.
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