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Brief about company background, certificates & credentials in the field of pest control

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We offer wide range of quality pest control services & expert consultancy including non-messy, odourless and herbal pest control as well. Pestgogo.com is the brand of ACE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES with expert knowledge on all types of pest control services.  Call us for following specialized pest service options:

  1. Herbal Pest Control
  2. Non messy Pest Control
  3. Odourless Pest Control
  4. Long term Termite solution by piping.
  5. Regular termite protection by DFS treatment to existing building and pre-construction termite protection as per BIS 6313 code.
  6. Regular & general quality pest control
  7. Bird Control
Mr. Rajan Prakash

Mr. Rajan Prakash

Founder of PestGOGO

Founder of pestgogo.com is Mr. Rajan Prakash. After working for more than 18 years in India’s top two Pest Control Companies, he decided to follow his passion for creating more awareness and improving the standards of Indian Pest Control Industry. Encourage and assist quality pest control agencies, in addition, to provide pest control services in India through this company.His last assignment as an employee was as Vice President – Customer Experience in a Danish Multinational. Before this he has been heading Business Excellence, Sales and Operations as VP. You can log on to his LinkedIn profile and connect with him to know further.

ISO 22000 Certificate(quality pest control)

00 Certification ensures Quality Pest Control For FHE, Food Manufacturing units, ISO 220

If you have to maintain quality pest control in food industries, you must go for ISO 22000 which brings in very strong food safety system. We are the only one pest control company in India which is ISO 22000 certified. ISO 22000 Certificates are considered very important and advantage for providing pest control services to Food Handling Establishments, Food Manufacturing Units and Residential Kitchens because of food safety concerns and FSSAI implementations.

ISO 9000 Certificate for ensuring Quality Pest Control Services QMS System

If you wish to have quality pest control system, you should adopt ISO 9000. We have very strong Quality Management Systems. We train all our technicians on all aspects of Pest Control based on global standard of pest control SOPs.

ISO 9000 Certificate(quality pest control)
 HACCP Certificate for Quality Pest Control

Training Certification on HACCP Principles & Food Safety

For ensuring quality pest control services provided to Food industries, HACCP International helps you a lot and globally know organization which helps non – food companies to adopt HACCP system to ensure food safety through all the services and products they provide to food companies. Our founder Mr. Rajan Prakash has closely worked with HACCP International. He was well appreciated by the Project Manager of HACCP International Australia Mr. Heng Piu Tan. Visit http://in.linkedin.com/in/rajandelhi to see the recommendation.

CFTRI Certificate on Fumigation Pest Control & Prophylactic Treatment

CFTRI standards of training are considered best in India. It is one of the top 3 institutes in India for professional pest control training.

CFTRI Certificate for Quality Pest Control
University of Guelph Canada Core & Fumigation Marksheet(quality pest control)

1 Year course on Core and Fumigation subjects of Pest Control from University of Guelph

University of Guelph is considered to be amongst top university in Canada for agriculture and specially on pest control. Mr. Rajan Prakash, appeared for the exam in Canada and passed out with 84% in Core Pest Control subject and 86% in Fumigation subject.

Fumigation Pest Control License of Mr. Rajan Prakash from Ontario Canada

As a result of passing out the exam, Mr. Rajan Prakash was given license for fumigation in Canada. But, Mr. Rajan Prakash, preferred to come back to India and serve here.

Ontario Canada Operator Licence for Fumigation quality pest control
88% score in structural(termite)quality pest control

Mr. Rajan Prakash scored 88% in Structural Pest Control (Termite Control) from University of Guelph, Canada

Under Structural Pest Control, mainly study on termites and those pests are done which affects the building and other structure. In India also, Mr. Rajan Prakash has done extensive work on termite control.

Mr. Rajan Prakash License for Structural (Termite) Pest Control from Canada

After passing with 88% marks on structural (termites) pest control, Mr. Rajan Prakash, got the license for termite control in Ontario Canada. But, he preferred to come back to India.

Ontario Canada Operator Licence Strutural (termite)quality pest control
AIB International Certificate for quality pest control

AIB Food Safety Certificate for Mr. Rajan Prakash

The American Institute of Baking, now known as AIB International  headquartered in Manhattan, Kansas. This Institute currently serves many segments of the food processing, distribution, foodservice, and retail industries worldwide.

Pest Control License for Ace Environmental Services

Storing pesticides requires suitable experts responsible who are awarded license to stock and exhibit the pesticides.

Pest Control License for quality pest control
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