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Green Pest Control – The IPM Way at PEST CONTROL

Green Pest Control

By the time pests are observed, an infestation has normally already occurred and elimination can be both difficult and costly. Prevention is easier than elimination. At PESTGOGO, we work closely with our clients provide unique strategies for pest control. It meets all the specific needs of their premises. Being Environmental Friendly, Safe and Effective is always at the core of all our strategies. We have global experts professionally trained under HACCP International, AQIS, PPQS, CFTRI and other major international institutions on Pest Control. Our clients are always encouraged to ask us for these credentials. Pests can be kept out by using Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

IPM focuses on two parts – Prevention and Control – and has three basic rules:

• Deny pests access to the establishment (DENY ENTRY)
• Deny pests food, water, and a place to hide or nest (DENY FOOD – DENY SHELTER)
• Work in partnership to eliminate all those pests that gain access to the establishment.(AT LAST DESTROY)
We ALSO call it 4D Formula


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