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What is most Basic Pest Control that every home needs? Pests which affects our health on day to day basis...

List of Pest Control Services company used

Mostly, Pest Control for homes, apartments, flats, offices, factories etc. include the following pests and their services:

  1. Cockroach control
  2. Termite Control
  3. Rat and Mice control which is also called as Rodent Control
  4. Red and black ant Control
  5. Silverfish control
  6. Lizard Control
  7. Bed Bug Control
  8. Mosquito Control
  9. House Fly Control
  10. Drain Flies Control
  11. Fruit Flies Control
  12. Dog Ticks and Mites Control
  13. Dust Mite Control

They require routine visits by trained professionals to keep check on all these pests so that you and your family remain healthy all the time. It is important to have basic idea on disease caused by pests.

What is Herbal Pest Control? Herbal Pest Control Vs. Chemical Pest Control

First of all you need is a well trained pest control professional like a good doctor who understands your problem and believes in eco-friendly pest control techniques.Also, please understand that anything declared herbal can’t be safe for pest control. Most notably, there are lot of reliable and known global companies supplying Chemical products for Pest Control. And they are approved by Central Insecticide Board and supported by MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

Are there good Herbal Pest Control Products available manufactured/packaged by Good Brands?

Try to google that how many reliable and known brands which are supplying herbal products declaring their ingredients, scientific names in a proper package. There are lots of herbs which can kill human being instantly. Therefore anything declared herbal may not be safe. You might come across such individual claiming to be Pest Control Professional and doing Herbal Pest Control. You must check their credentials and most important ask for the botanical/scientific  name of those herbal things.There are few cases where some individuals are mixing toxic chemical concoctions and declaring them as Herbal Pest Control.

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Termite Control as per BIS Code

Termites are like slow poison – ends up destroying your house and commercial establishments. They are almost affecting all the building in urban areas.

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Termites pest control

General Pests which affects commercial establishments

All commercial establishments are vulnerable to pests as they have cafeteria, employee cubicles etc. They also sometimes face food safety issues arising out of pest control services. Crawling pest includes Cockroaches, red and black ants, silverfish etc. They require routine visits to keep check so that you and your employees remain healthy all the time. See all the disease caused by pests. You will find all the dreaded disease pathogens are carried by these pests. You can’t say that there are no cockroaches in my establishment. They are active only in night.

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Pest Control: Explained in simple words

First of all, before understanding pest control, we need to understand what are pests in easy common man language.

Pests are any living organism which causes damage, spread disease, cause nuisance value to human beings. Much as, people get scared by a few pests.  Such as cockroaches, lizards, spiders, rats etc.

We are here mainly concerned with urban pests and not agricultural pests. These pests are such living organisms which causes disease, discomfort, damage, annoyance or just nuisance value. Therefore, the most common pests are cockroaches, termites, rats & mice,lizards, bed bugs, house flies etc.

Pest Control for Cockroaches

Cockroaches: Most notably, in every homes and offices, you will find cockroaches in the kitchen and pantries. In addition, you also find the cockroaches in coffee vending machine, microwave, refrigerator and other such items. Because, cockroaches are thigmotropic,they like all such places where there are tight spaces. Also, they like oily greasy deposits as their food. These cockroaches are of small sizes. They are actually German Cockroaches. Furthermore, you will also find cockroaches in drains, wash rooms etc. They are large in size and scientifically known as American Cockroaches. Often, ladies and kids are badly scared by seeing the cockroaches. They carry many disease pathogen and contaminate food and water. They are responsible for many diseases.

Pest Control for Rats

Rat Control & Mice Control(Rodent Control): They not only damage documents, garments and food items. But also create mess all around and contaminate our food with rat droppings and urine. small house mice are relatively easier to control. But rat controlling (mainly Roof Rat) involves more time and effort. Because, roof rats are clever and it requires regular inspections, changes in strategies, pre-baiting etc.Therefore, a trained rat controller will act as per the species of rats found. Rather, he has to think like a rat to catch them.

Why do you need to keep Pest Control Expert’s number as much as your family doctor?

Have you ever noticed whenever you fall sick and pay the doctor a visit, the first thing he does is send you to the pathology lab to be tested? So what exactly do they test for in a pathology lab? As the name suggests, they test your body fluids, cough, blood, saliva and so on for the presence of disease causing pathogens namely: bacteria, virus, fungi, protozoa etc. Therefore, the question that arises is where do these disease causing pathogens come from and how do they invade your body?

What disease pathogens are commonly carried by pests?

Most interestingly, all of these pathogens – bacteria, virus, fungi, protozoa etc. cannot even survive without the presence of a medium or carrier like pests. Therefore, if you go to the page “disease caused by pests” you will realize that pests are mainly responsible for spread of these diseases. So let us take a look at the circumstances which put us and our bodies at risk.

Our Day to Day routine activities and Pest risk involved

  • While, the first thing we do most mornings after waking up is look for a glass of water. But, what’s the guarantee that this glass has not been visited by cockroaches or rats?
  • Thereafter, you settle down for tea or coffee, in a cup. Cockroaches entering cups left out at night is surely possible.
  • It’s breakfast time. If by any unfortunate chance you did not keep the bread in a sealed box then consider them already tasted by  pests.
  • In most houses, dishes left behind from last night are usually washed by the household help or maid during the following morning. So the dirty dishes that lay in the sink all night become the perfect venue for cockroaches and rats.

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